Monday, October 15, 2012

Long time no blog!

Sorry for the long silence; I've been mentally busy at work, etc.

There's been a lot that has changed since I've been quiet; The Raspberry Pi is available at other stores (Maplin, CPC), has twice as much RAMRaspian is the new recommended image (and it's great, I love the automatic configurator that starts on first boot!), and Eben's released books 'Beginning Raspberry Pi' and 'Raspberry Pi User Guide'.  There's certainly some amazing stuff going on!

Anyway, my media centre project is going well.  I opted for Raspbmc for my RasPi media centre over OpenElec in the end (I'll post in more detail about this later), and it's working great!  I'll post soon about that, as well.  On the downside, I've had issues with my chosen USB Satellite decoder, it seems to be much more susceptible to slightly poor satellite signals compared with the PCI one I have in my Linux desktop, so I've switched back to that for now running TVHeadend.  When I get around to it I'll try the USB decoder/RasPi combo in a different place with a known good satellite signal.  If that works, I'll get a man in to repoint my dish! - I'm still hopeful that I can make something work with this.

In the meantime, I've consolidated my files, and got the Pi working as an Apple Time Machine server, which works really well - I'll be blogging about that shortly.  My intention is to take a Pi and an external HDD to a friend's house, when I'm there (on their Wi-Fi) my Mac will automatically back up to the Pi, and for only £ 25 more than the cost of the drive.

Also, my Gertboard arrives soon.  Hopefully I'll be able to work out how IO works properly then and put some more blog posts up.  Given time!

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