Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Unconventional case

So I decided to make a really simple case...

It involves 83mm heat shrink, which you can buy here, and a hot air gun.

  • Cut to size, about 10mm or so outside the edges of the board
  • Cut a slot out for the HDMI connectors (or audio / composite if you're so inclined)
  • Apply hot air carefully so as to not distort the tubing around the HDMI cable
The result: A fairly well protected Pi that can work on a metal surface without shorting things...  It's not pretty, I grant you.

Pictures here (I failed to cut the tubing long enough so ended up layering a second one on:


  1. Dude nice one! But I beg to ask... You can remove it again right, for extensions?

    1. Yes. It's not adhesive heat shrink; that would be bad! It will be fiddly to remove with a knife, but certainly doable.