Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Media stuff

So, I think that the Pi is likely to work well as a Satellite decoder, but unlikely to be able to cope with more than sticking that data onto disk / across the network.  So what I'm thinking of is:

  • Use my routers (I have a pair of Buffalo WZR-HP-G300N/NH boxes running dd-wrt) as file servers with one or two large USB drives.
  • Get one of these which according to the Linux TV wiki is supported on Linux - I will endeavour to compile the drivers on arm first of course, before I commit to buying one of the boxes!
  • Build myself a PoE adaptor for the Pi - apparently (see FAQ) the team are going to think about providing support out of the box, but right now a small adaptor is easy enough to build, providing I can build it to also power the satellite adaptor...
  • Mount the Pi, the Satellite adaptor and PoE adaptor in a decent waterproof enclosure with suitable weatherproof ethernet connectors.
  • Find a good way of mounting this enclosure somewhere on a satellite dish mounting.
  • Think about support for two of the satellite adaptors - not sure if that'll work on one Pi, so, I'll get another one!
What does the world think?  I think this is a good solution for media providing you have a NAS somewhere in the house...  Obviously there are currently quite a few unknowns around performance of the ethernet interface (100BaseTX may not be enough for a single HD stream (is 72 Mb/s the right figure?), let alone two, but it's worth a try...

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